Meet Chriss Perry Senior Travel Consultant Travelscene Ringwood East VIC

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Chriss Perry
Senior Travel Consultant
Travelscene Ringwood East

Chriss says she caught the travel bug at the age of 18 on a trip to Bali. “I never looked back and the rest is history” she says as “I’ve been a Travel Agent now for 23 years

“I’ve worked for Travelscene for the past 5 years” and Chriss says “the best part of my job is the changes, talking about different destinations, dealing with a variety of clients and of course the thrill of travelling especially when I’m upgraded to Business Class on a long haul flight!!!

“My favourite destination is Cairo. The first time I went I was disillusioned and came away disappointed. I think I expected to be spiritually enlightened at 26 years of age!! The second time last year was amazing it is just such a vibrant city with so much to offer. My dream holidays would be to Machu Picchu. It has crept up to the top of my list. I would love to do the Inca trail and breathe in the air at 2,430 metres above sea level”

My fondest never to be forgotten travel memory was on a Felucca boat on the Nile. It was midnight, a warm balmy evening as we neared Cairo. Truly a moment in time!

I think e-Travel Blackboard is great because of the gossip, updates, tid-bits. I look forward to seeing it pop up in my in box every day!


Just for fun

What are three things you must always travel with?

My Passport, a photo of my kids and Panadol

If you were seated on a flight, in the centre row of four, name three celebrities you would happily share the row with?

Richard Branson, Roger Federer and Lance Armstrong, Richard for his business views and good fun, Rodger for his discipline and the spunk value and Lance for his determination and will to do the very best with his life!

On a past trip what is something you bought that was quirky and a bit of fun?

I had a request from a friend to collect some sand from the base of the Pyramids. The exercise was easy enough I had taken a zip lock bag with me, bent down and scooped up some sand. The fun was explaining to the customs officer in Melbourne what is was

What is your favourite cuisine?

Thai Green Curry, especially when it’s served in a coconut shell!! The best food in the world

What’s a favourite drink you tried on a past trip?

In Tahiti we meet a couple on their Honeymoon who introduced up to Margaritas. They had brought their own blender from the US with them (as only Americans would do this!!) and we sat up one night on the beautiful lagoon of Club Med drinking Margaritas

When you travel what activity is top of your must do list?

Walk, I love to walk as much as I can in each place I visit. At ground level you get the feel of the city, its pulse, see the people, smell the smells and feel the ground beneath me

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Travel is a lifestyle career choice. Rewarding and fulfilling it requires dedication, attention to detail, outstanding listening skills and great time management

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