Flight Review of EK418 Dubai (DXB) – Sydney (SYD) 22/05


Stepping off from the London service, I was two-thirds of the way home and ready to connect onto my next leg.  EK418 would stop in Bangkok before heading onto Sydney, breaking up the long journey home into smaller stints.

Check-in and luggage allowance:
Having already checked in at London, I was already in possession of a boarding pass.  As such I was able to head directly towards my gate.  Hubbing in Dubai, there was no need to pass through immigration.

Seat/Cabin conditions:
Stepping once more into a Boeing 777-300ER, the pink and lavender designed seats were becoming quite familiar.  This time I was sitting in the second row I Economy in Seat 18K.

This first sector appeared to be quite empty, probably around 60% full.  After the plane made its transfer in Bangkok loads dropped even further to around 50% of the cabin.

Configured in a 3-4-3 cabin, most passengers had a block of seats to themselves.

Meal and snack service:
A dinner service was preceded by a snack service of biscuits and a beverage.  Dinner consisted of a choice between Oriental Garlic Chicken and Fried Sea Bass Fillet as the main and was accompanied by a Seafood Salad as the appetiser and a Chocolate Pear Tart as the dessert.

This aircraft was flying the more comprehensive ICE system, which features over 1000 channels of movies, television programs and music.  It proudly boasts that it includes all of the UK’s number one hits ever.

Though I haven’t used it myself, the new ICE systems allow passengers to utilise their mobile phones in-flight, and encourages users to turn their phones to silent while doing so.

Even in Economy class, the ICE system features a universal power plug as well as a USB port for mp3 players.  Unfortunately for me, my power plug did not appear to be working on this sector,

On-time performance:
We were slightly delayed due to the plane being parked remotely at DXB, which meant that all passengers had to be transferred over to the aircraft using buses.  Scheduled for a 0850 departure, the plane pushed back from the gate at 0905 and took off some 20 minutes later.

Making up some time in the air, the plane arrived in Bangkok at the scheduled time of 1810 and was able to quickly enact a transfer.  This allowed for a slightly earlier departure than the scheduled 1950 slot, as it pushed back at 1940.

The flight made very good time into Sydney, even a delay by air traffic control which saw the plane directed into a short holding pattern and full gates due to early morning congestion at Sydney Airport, saw the plane slide into the gate only five minutes behind the scheduled time of 0745.

Flight frequency:
EK418 flies daily between Dubai and Sydney via Bangkok.  First sector flight duration is seven hours, while the second sector is nine hours.


EK418 continues onwards to Christchurch, New Zealand as its final destination.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: W.X
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