Travel Counsellors connect across the country

Travel Counsellors connect across the country

Travel Counsellors connect across the country

Travel Counsellors connect across the country

Travel Counsellors around the country are returning to their desks this week feeling energised and enthused following a nationwide face-to-face training program delivered by the Head Office team last week.

The Melbourne-based Business Development team delivered a bespoke training program in Melbourne before taking the program on the road travelling to Sydney, Perth and Brisbane last week. More than 70 agents participated in the training program that was specifically developed to inspire business growth with a focus on social media, marketing, sales and relationship building.

“I really got a lot out of the training, especially around positive self-talk and knowing my customer”, Sydney based Travel Counsellor Lucinda Winton said. Agents learned how they can increase their sales by getting the most out of their database and looking for opportunities in every area of their life. Head of Sales Tracy Parkinson said, “This training is so important to keep Travel Counsellors current, focused and motivated. It reminds them of things they should be doing, but also introduces new things they should build into their business.”

The day also involved a live link up between the different states to hear from Karen Coates, a Gold Travel Counsellor based in Adelaide. Karen spoke about how she has built up her business in dance groups and shared her advice on how each Travel Counsellor can should approach group travel. Regional Managing Director Kaylene Shuttlewood took the opportunity to meet with agents at the session in Perth saying, “The Travel Counsellors were highly engaged, and the energy was fantastic. These face-to-face sessions are so important for home-based travel agents as they provide the opportunity to connect with other Travel Counsellors and their support team, which is a huge benefit for all of us.”

For more information please contact Marnie Pugsley, PR & Marketing Manager, Travel Counsellors, +61 (0)3 8517 8222

About Travel Counsellors

Founded in 1994, Travel Counsellors is the world’s largest home-based travel company with over 1,800 self-employed travel consultants and a global support team of over 400 staff. The company is headquartered in Manchester U.K, with operations in Australia, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Travel Counsellors Australia Pty Ltd. was established in 2007. Today, nearly 150 Travel Counsellors run their own travel business from home with the support of a Melbourne based Head Office. Travel Counsellors Australia is proud to be a full member of IATA and AFTA and is accredited with ATAS and CLIA.

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