Le Boat announces flash sale of up to 20% off

Le Boat logoLe Boat announces flash sale of up to 20% off

Swap your wheels for the water and discover the hidden gems and recreational waterways of France, Belgium and Ireland from the luxury of your own private cruiser as you “captain” your boat through medieval towns, colourful market villages and vineyards, with a fantastic saving of up to 20% off with Le Boat.

Le Boat is offering the following deals from Monday 30 January to Thursday 2 February 2017 for all trips of seven nights and more and valid for travel in 2017 only.

20% off France (excluding Lot region) 1 to 4-star fleet
20% off Belgium 1 to 4-star fleet
20% off Ireland 1 to 4-star fleet
10% off 5-star fleet in France, Ireland & Belgium (excluding Horizon cruiser & Lot Region in France) combinable up to 15%

Minimum duration:

7 nights or more
Valid for travel in 2017 ONLY

No licence or experience is required. It’s that simple! When you come aboard and we will show you everything you need to know during a boat briefing and demonstration. Then you’re off enjoying your holiday, it’s like driving a car, but much easier and more relaxing.

There’s something new at every turn. You’re going slowly, so you get time to savour the countryside. The next château rises from the shore, a medieval village invites you to stop and at the day’s end you watch the sun go down from your sundeck.

The beauty of life aboard a boat is you’re not on a set holiday itinerary. There’s no rushing to the next destination, unless you want to. If you’re new to boating, it’s akin to travelling in a cosy floating villa, with all the comforts of home and each day you wake up in a beautiful new destination!

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