Aquaventure Water Park – Dubai

Entry via the Atlantis The Palm, Aquaventure water park is the newest addition in Dubai’s theme park entertainment.

With over 7 slides, including a thrilling Leap of Faith that plunges through a shark infested lagoon, this ride is definitely a sight to be seen.

Aquaventure is complimentary to those staying at the resort. For day visitors it is AED285 for adults and AED220 for those below 1.2m.

You receive a complimentary towel and a wrist band where you can upload cash due to the parks cashless policy. As an example, you can put AED100 onto your wrist band and throughout the park should you decide on a drink or even lunch, you can swipe the wrist band instead of handing cash over.

Once you enter the park, it is suggested to put everything in your private locker including glasses and any personal items. Make sure you put on plenty of sun screen and keep your shoes on as the path to the slides is extremely hot. The park does lack shading and cooling of the paths so be prepared for the sun. Also note that the journey to the slides can be exhausting as to the amount of stairs taken to get you to the top of the slide. Not to mention you must find your own thunder tube and carry this all the way up with you.

The amount of staff the park has in operation is impressive. Every slide has a lifeguard at every corner to ensure safety.
You can sit on the water tubes and casually meander throughout the park for hours which then splits to a variety of alternative rides from the Ziggurat to the Rapids river which circumnavigates the whole of Aquaventure while the Torrent river runs around the Ziggurat and takes riders up onto a conveyer belt taking them to the first level of the Ziggurat for easy access to the rides. 

With the temperature peaking at 40’degrees, the kids area is perfect to cool down when the large dumper throws gallons of water onto expecting children. From a distance this looks very entertaining however up close, the cooling effect is essential.

There are plenty of eateries throughout the park giving visitors a range of selections from salad to burgers, Asian and Indian cuisines. Access to the private beach overlooks the Dubai City skyline which is the perfect opportunity to relax and take in all that is Dubai.

One of the key features at the park is Dolphin Bay offering guests front line viewing to the behaviours and playful attitudes of the Dolphins. Be sure to arrive early to the park to secure your once in a life time experience of swimming with the dolphins.

As mentioned earlier staff are everywhere throughout the park. If you loose anything, like your children, you can be sure to find them at the front desk.

Overall, the park does offer a fun and exciting experience for all.

Definitely recommended for first timers to Dubai.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: A.V
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