San Fran fun on foot

  Palace Hotel and Lotta's Fountain, San Francisco.
 The Palace Hotel

They say the best way to explore a city is by foot and this couldn’t be more true for San Francisco with all it’s steep and windy streets.

FOOT! fun walking tours shows you the most interesting routes through San Francisco’s quirky history and unique neighborhoods. Their tours are described as “part history lesson, part game show and all fun”.

 Their tour guides are history buffs by day and seasoned comics, actors and improvisers by night.

Using interactive games, Q&A, fun facts and re-enactments of history they’ll make your tour fun, informative and interesting – this definitely isn’t your average walking tour.

Visit back alleys, hidden gardens and other secret locations buses and segways can’t access.

Maiden Lane, San Francisco.
 Maiden Lane

FOOT! fun walking tours have a variety of tours to choose from but if you’re short on time, their San Francisco in a Nutshell tour is the perfect snapshot of this beautiful city.FOOT!’s unique approach of mixing humour, history and interactive games showcases this city’s unique past creating a one-of-a-kind walking tour.

They’ve successfully managed to cram 150+ years of the city’s history into a two-hour walking tour full of facts, fun and frivolity. The tour gives an overview of everything from yesteryear that made the city what she is today.

You’ll hear all about the Gold Rush days and what built this city and even threatened it’s future at one point!

If you’re worried about steep hills and lots of long-distance walking, you’ll be fine as most of this tour covers flat terrain – perfect for those who want to keep it slow and easy.

The tour gives you a basic history of the area covering the city’s boom-town birth beginning as a tiny trading post which quickly became the 10th largest city in the United States thanks to the nearby discovery of gold.

Chinatown, San Francisco.
The Pagoda Gate, entranceway to Chinatown

Learn and laugh your way through this city as their guides put the pieces together for you with games, stories and fun facts from the past. Learn how people came flocking to this city from every corner of the world and how the west was won. Today San Francisco is cosmopolitan, crowded, crazy and cultured and that’s all because of that tiny golden nugget they found which led to an explosion in population.

Source = ETB News: Sarah Wrightson
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