Flight Review Emirates Flight EK 127 Dubai to Vienna Business Class


Entrance to Emirates’ Business Class lounge at DXB
one of the friendly professionals working aboard Emirates
Fine dining is a delicious aspect of the Emirates Business Class experience

With boarding pass already in hand in transit at Dubai International Airport, I had four hours until the departure of my flight to Vienna—meaning there were four hours to enjoy the Business Class lounge.  If I thought the Emirates lounge in Sydney had been impressive, the one in Dubai is mindbogglingly so.  Basically a terminal unto itself, the first-floor Emirates Business Class Lounge from entrance to end extends farther than the eye can see.  The atrium-style openness to the ground floor below and sky above makes the place very airy and open.  Numerous sections include business centres and dining areas along with showers and the Emirates Timeless Spa.  Despite its enormous size, the lounge is quite full, and despite being quite full, it is still able to offer its guests a sense of space and comfort.

The flight to Vienna was called and boarding was easy and effortless.  The Boeing 777-300ER aircraft Emirates uses on this route has some of the most spacious overhead compartments ever seen on a plane; they drop down low for easy access and have convex mirrors located inside to make sure nothing is left behind when items are removed.  Seats are comfortable, as would be expected.  The aircraft has a 2-3-2 configuration, with privacy screens rising high between adjoining seats for privacy.  Emirates fine ICE system and big screens allow for an inexhaustible selection of entertainment options.  Little touches on board make a good impression; bouquets of fresh flowers in wall vases in the cabin (and orchids in the lavatories) are a nice feature not often seen on board aircraft—a simple but unexpected pleasure. 

As always, Emirates’ multinational crew was unfailingly polite and efficient.  They were also surprisingly relaxed in engaging in conversation and a few jokes with passengers, conveying a feeling more of being hosts in their home rather than flight crew on a plane.  In the competitive world of passenger air travel, this kind of intangible asset is priceless, for it is the human factor that has the potential to leave the most positive imprint in a traveller’s mind.

Continental breakfast and full lunch were served on this flight, which departed at 09:45 and arrived on schedule at 13:50.  The options were both varied and appetising, with an Arabian mezze plate seeming to be a favourite among the many passengers who ordered it as their lunch appetiser.

The flight continued in a relaxing manner and soon we were descending over the picturesque, white expanse of snowy Austria.  With the unfortunate withdrawal of Austrian/Lauda services to Australia in 2007, Emirates became the only option for one-stop service from Australia to Austria and remains the preferred airline for business and leisure travellers from Australia to Vienna.  That’s fine with me.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.L.B
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