Premium Voyageur four new destinations


After New York and Tokyo last April, Air France will soon be selling tickets in the Premium Voyageur cabin on flights to four new destinations: Beirut and Singapore on 28 December 2009, then Hong Kong and Beijing on 18 January 2010.

Air France will also be offering a second daily flight equipped with the Premium Voyageur cabin to Tokyo and New York, starting on 7 and 8 December respectively. By the end of 2010, the Premium Voyageur cabin will be available on the entire Air France long-haul network served by B777s, A340s and A330s.

For highly competitive fares, the Premium Voyageur cabin offers a very high level of comfort (click to watch the presentation of the Premium Voyageur seat).

Watch the presentation of the Premium Voyageur seat

Some examples of fares* to these new Premium Voyageur destinations:

  • Paris – Beirut return from 1,179 euros including tax 
  • Paris – Singapore return from 1,456 euros including tax
  • Paris – Beijing return from 1,652 euros including tax
  • Paris – Hong Kong return from 1,657 euros including tax
  • Paris – Tokyo return from 1,658 euros including tax
  • Paris – New York return from 1,038 euros including tax.

*These fares may be subject to modifications. Fares including tax calculated based on taxes applicable on 2 September 2009

For more information:

– The Premium Voyageur cabin

– Air France’s cabin classes

– Buying a ticket

Source = Air France
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