Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre Staff Road Test Glories of Turkey Tour

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Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre Staff Road Test Glories of Turkey Tour
Melanie and Esther Get a First Hand Turkey GMTC Experience

Melanie Georgiou is a familiar voice to many travel agents who call Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre. She is a senior reservation consultant and for the second year in a row Melanie has road tested a selection of GMTC’s product. In Turkey Melanie travelled with GMTC accountant Esther Delmont (both pictured left) Melanie is on the left in the first picture at Cappadocia and also pictured at Istanbul’s Blue Mosque and ANZAC Cove.

Melanie and Esther road tested Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre’s 14 day Glories of Turkey Tour which covers most of the key attractions in Western Turkey. Melanie especially enjoyed Cappadocia and recommended the balloon ride to really take it in. She was also fascinated with the sheer variety and scale of Istanbul. She was very happy to sell a product which includes great hotels, comfortable air conditioned coaches and excellent guides.

During her trip Melanie also visited several Greek islands, and spent some time in Italy. In Italy she visited Rome, the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri which feature in GMTC’s programs in Southern Italy.  GMTC Managing Director Halina Hussein warmly supports reservation staff experiencing the product as it greatly enhances their skills as travel consultants. Melanie agrees and said the trip boosted her own confidence about giving timely and detailed advice to travel agents about GMTC product.  Agents who are booking GMTC destinations can be assured that all reservation staff have first hand experience of the product and can give agents reliable advice.

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Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre
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