Construction of Jordan’s Red Sea Astrarium begins


  Trekkies the world over join Jordan National Day celebrations.  

As the people of Jordan recovered from Jordan National Day celebrations this weekend, construction began on a much anticipated (yes, even Perez Hilton bragged about this one) theme park in Jordan’s Aqaba.

Promising a Star Trek themed experience, The Red Sea Astrarium has been dubbed one for the Trekkies and the Cardassians (aliens from Star Trek) may just join the Kardashians (aliens stars from reality TV) for its opening.

The high commissioner of the Aqaba special economic zone authority Kamel Mahadin announced that work had begun on the 184-acre tourist resort at a ceremony at the World Economic Forum this week, Abu Dhabi’s The National reported.

"The entertainment resort will undeniably transform the Aqaba region and make it a high-end tourism hub for Jordan," Mr Mahadin said.

"It will do so while telling stories from our regional culture, integrating alternative energy sources and promoting the development of the entertainment industry in Jordan."

The resort will see the construction of four hotels and 16 entertainment developments as well as a 4D cinema, a water park, shops and restaurants and the American Museum of Natural History's Silk Road Exhibition.

Meanwhile in Sydney, the Australian Jordan Tourism Board celebrated Jordan National Day at Safi Restaurant in North Sydney.

“Over the past five months, travellers from Australia to Jordan have increased by the following amounts: September by 28.2 percent, October by 14.8 percent, November by 6.4 percent, December by 0.4 percent and January by 19.6 percent,” the Australian Jordan Tourism Board’s Nicole Lenoir-Jourdan said.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: GA
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