Oman Air holidays becomes a discover the world marketing client

The newly formed Oman Air Holidays, a joint venture between Oman Air and Bahwan Travel Consortium, has commissioned Discover the World Marketing to help develop its marketing and sales in Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland beginning in March.

Shankar Bose, General Manager – Bahwan Travel Consortium said, “We wanted to increase our exposure to the travelling public in these markets about all the tours we are providing. We heard how exceptional Discover the World Marketing was in representing its clients and building reputations and revenues. So we wanted to be affiliated with the best in the business.”

“Our Discover offices in Germany and France will also handle the sales effort in Austria and Switzerland,” said Rob Pope, Discover the World Marketing’s senior vice president corporate development. “Given that Oman Air Holidays is a name already in the industry, our offices will have no difficulty in spreading the word about the tour packages offered in Oman and other Middle Eastern destinations, Africa, India, Europe and Asia served by Oman Air.”

Source = Discover the World Marketing
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