Reconciliation Week

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Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation Week

What better time to get involved in an Indigenous tourism experience than Reconciliation Week. This is a week for reflecting on the past and looking to the future. Reconciliation week is about understanding the history of the country and bringing people along the journey with us to understand where we have been and where we are heading to.  It’s about articulating where we are, working towards common goals, sharing knowing, culture and ideas. It’s about flying the flag, so to speak.

This Reconciliation Week is extra exciting for the QTIC Tourism Indigenous Champions Network this year. We have been shortlisted for the Premier’s Reconciliation Award for the work that the network does in promoting Indigenous employment across tourism and supporting the growth of tourism businesses across the state. It is a true example of reconciliation. I can’t quite remember how much I have told you about the Champions Network before, but let me tell you they’re an incredible bunch. These volunteers joined together to promote Indigenous employment in the tourism industry. From humble beginnings, the group has grown and expanded over the past 10 years. Beginning with a pure employment focus, the network achieved its 12 year goal several years back – so have now introduced more ambitious goals of 2020 new Indigenous employees and 20 new Indigenous businesses by 2020. The group is comprised of Indigenous and non-Indigenous operators who want to see the sector flourish. It’s such an honour to have the Champions shortlisted and our fingers and toes are crossed for the announcement!

So what can you do to celebrate? What about enjoying some traditional, native food (don’t worry this goes way beyond kangaroo and emu)! Take in some art. You can read some novels – Stan Grant’s Australia Day has had some rave reviews. There are plenty of walking tours up and down the state that show you a different side of a city you thought you knew.

Or just have a yarn with your favorite Aunty.


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