Manuia Beach Resort Rarotonga awarded Eco Certification

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Manuia Beach Resort Rarotonga

Manuia Beach Resort Rarotonga awarded Eco Certification

Manuia Beach Resort is proud to announce that it is now one of the first tourism businesses in the Cook Islands to attain Mana Tiaki Eco Certification.

Launched on 3rd April 2019, the Mana Tiaki Eco Certification, also known as eco accreditation or green accreditation, is a joint project between the Te Ipukarea Society, the Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council, and the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation.

Manuia Beach Resort’s general manager, Sue Fletcher-Vea, said: “With our Mana Tiaki Eco Certification, guests are assured that their tourism footprint is responsibly minimised when staying at Manuia Beach Resort.

“Located lagoon-side on Rarotonga’s sunset coast in Arorangi, Manuia Beach Resort has always strived to be an environmentally sustainable resort. Now with Mana Tiaki Eco Certification we are formally recognised as contributing to the long-term sustainability of the Cook Islands tourism industry. And we are extremely proud of that”.

Similar to the Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council’s Quality Assured accreditation scheme, Mana Tiaki Eco Certification is only granted when an applicant goes through a rigorous process to become accredited. The Mana Tiaki Eco Certification criterion includes points related to water and sanitation, biodiversity, solid waste, energy, and other best practices related to environmental responsibility.

“I encourage all tourism operators to apply for Mana Tiaki Eco Certification by demonstrating that they meet best environmentally practices in their operations.

“The reward is not only the Mana Tiaki Eco Certification, but a sustainable future for the Cook Islands’ tourism industry,” said Fletcher-Vea.


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