Agents lifting Professionalism in 2019

Agents lifting Professionalism in 2019

What are you doing to improve your business in 2019?

The start of the year is like a preseason for a sporting team. No injuries, everything is positive and full of excitement for the year ahead. But improvement doesn’t just happen;you need plans in place to improve and grow in the year ahead.  Here’s our top five tips for improving your travel business for a productive 2019.

Know your supply chain

Preferred suppliers continue to be an important part of the travel industry. Love it or hate it. But more importantly for agents is to know their supply chain. It’s important to have options, but not too many, to foster strong relationships with suppliers and also ensure that the suppliers operate transparently, do not have history of owning other companies that go broke and where possible, have the appropriate accreditation in place.

There’s some dodgy ones out there cobber.

Follow the rules

There is no use whingeing about suppliers going broke if you are running an agency that has a history of paying its bills late.  There are good protections coming in for small businesses (under which most travel agencies will fit) from the Morrison government to ensure they are not crippled by slow paying customers.

Are you paying on time or using excuses?

Invest in yourself!

The more you think you know it all, the more you are telling the world you know very little indeed. The world is changing, being continually disrupted and you technologies, processes, practices and ideas are bound every day.

If you and your staff aren’t going on a couple of courses a year, you are already falling behind

Proactively market B2C failures

If it’s okay for Flightcentre to say that Best Jet is a great reason to use a travel agency, then why can’t you? Whilst you never want people to lose jobs, many of these B2C companies are deliberately faceless . So put a face to your business and tell everyone why more people are better than anyone else’s website

Be brave enough to say no

I was lucky enough a couple of years ago to spend an hour with Penny Spencer  – one of the most successful people in the Australian travel industry. One of the best nuggets I gleaned from her was that if somebody says they are going to book themselves with Expedia, she wishes them well, and that she looks forward to seeing them back to book their next holiday.

Why? Because she is living proof that travel agents are always going to be the best way to organise a holiday compared with a B2C website.


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