Virtuoso offers front-row seats to Royal Wedding

VirtuosoVirtuoso offers front-row seats to Royal Wedding

It’s a big year for all things royal and with the biggest wedding of the year just a few weeks away, Virtuoso’s insider connections have secured a lucky few one of the best views available without an actual invitation.

On May 19, the town of Windsor will play host to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding and a Virtuoso UK On-Site destination management company, NoteWorthy, was able to secure eight spots right outside Windsor Castle’s entrance, exclusively for clients of Virtuoso travel advisors.

“Windsor is a delightful place, but it’s crazy busy on a summer’s day, parking is a nightmare and on a day like this it will be impossible to see anything without privileged access,” says Main Beach Travel’s Deborah Barley, an English expat and Virtuoso advisor.

“This is a very small, old town and if you are a real royalist and want to see the couple arrive and leave through those gates, you need to be in the front row or you are not going to see a thing.

“And no one is going to get through that gated entry and into the stunning traditional English stained glass chapel unless they are ticketed.”

The Goring Hotel’s Jeremy Goring says Harry and Meghan’s wedding offers people a chance to engage with the English tradition and ceremony that fascinates so many.

“Any excuse to shine a light on the fabulous, eccentric traditions of British life,” Goring says.

“There are not many places left where you can see horse-drawn carriages and troupes of soldiers in ceremonial dress. Some say why? I say why not!

“I loved that so many of our Australian friends were up in the middle of the night brewing tea during the last Royal Wedding – brilliant!”

While the Goring in London, with its 69 rooms, is regularly full, there is always room for special – maybe royal – guests should they drop by. Indeed, the hotel hosted the Duchess of Cambridge the night before her wedding to Harry’s brother, Prince William.

“Whilst we can never talk about any particular guest who may grace our front door, a good hotel is made up of amazing service, a beautiful stage and the imprint left by its past and present guests. It’s why, when we completed our renovation recently, I refused to get rid of the marble flooring that had been walked on by every reigning British monarch and Prime Minister since 1910,” stated Goring.

Click here for more information on the vantage point Virtuoso clients will enjoy.

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