Adventure World’s sales team explore the beauty of Oman

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Adventure World’s sales team explore the beauty of Oman

Adventure World’s sales team explore the beauty of Oman

The Adventure World national sales team have just returned from their annual sales conference, which this year saw them exploring the beauty of Oman in partnership with the Sultanate of Oman Tourism.

When not busy working on their 2018 strategy, the team explored Wadi Abreeyan, one of the most spectacular free flowing mountain oasis’ in the region, visited the newly opened Oman National Museum full of cultural and ancient history through the centuries as well as completing stage 2 of the challenging Via Ferrata at Alila, which recently opened in September and is not for the faint hearted.

Commenting on the sales conference, Neil Rodgers, Managing Director for Adventure World, “It’s so easy to fall in love with Oman and we are so proud to support this magnificent country with our recent sales conference. We’re excited to have our team back, well equipped to pave the way for agents and continue selling this unique part of the world.”

The Adventure World national sales team consists of Elliot Miller, Andrea Morgan, Jeremy Pilgrim, Andy Kirkman, Travis Graham and Tom Wardell who also travelled with Mona Tannous from Oman Tourism.

For more information visit Adventure World at or call 1300 363 055.

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