‘Organisations hiring people of determination more successful’

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‘Organisations hiring people of determination more successful’

‘Organisations hiring people of determination more successful’

Organisations that have hired people of determination have shown remarkable growth and higher success rates alongwith developing teams with a component of wider perspectives, skills and experience.

This was stated by Sheikha Dr Alia Humaid Al Qassimi, Acting CEO of Social Care and Development Sector, Community Development Authority (CDA) in her keynote address on ‘policies and regulations’ during the ‘Inclusion in the Workplace’ conference at the ongoing AccessAbilities Expo.

International, regional and local experts in the field of disabilities discussed present employment scenario for people with disabilities, the challenges and key issues relating to inclusive work environments, government policies and regulations on employment for people with disabilities, use of technology to make the workplace more accessible and other ways to create a disability friendly workplace and environment, during the conference.

“People of determination face challenges on daily basis. We need to create innovative solutions to make lives comfortable for them,” she said.

During a panel discussion on ‘Building an Inclusive Workplace’, attended by Dr Ayesha Saeed Husaini, Founder and Director Manzil; Iain McKinnon, Paralympic Legacy, Inclusion and Sports Participation at the London Legacy Development Corporation and Margaret Hickish, Access and Inclusion Manager, Network Rail UK, the speakers said lack of proper attitude is the main barrier in developing inclusive workplaces. They highlighted on the need to generate awareness and concrete measures protecting rights of persons having disabilities.

The speakers also discussed challenges faced by people of determination during job interviews and while dealing with their colleagues.

Margaret Hickish, Access and Inclusion Manager, Network Rail-UK, shared her on-the-job experiences.

Dr Ayesha highlighted the process of education and training at her centre, Manzil, for students with disabilities and preparing them for the job market once they finish their education. “Parents are eager to see their children with disabilities as independent and have a job, once they finish education with enough qualification. We devise exclusive goals for each of our students according to their abilities and provide them training accordingly,” she said.

SEDRA Foundation conducted an ‘Inclusion incubator’ workshop during which the participants were assisted to develop organisation specific blueprint around sustainable inclusion and diversity.

Renate Baur-Richter, Programme Manager, SEDRA Foundation and Ihab Shahawi, CEO and Founder SAILS Group, California, also discussed developing strategies, innovative measures and identifying navigation tools in their workplaces in inclusion process. “The ecosystem accelerates inclusion and influence on the growth of people of determination in any workplace. We all know that everyone is different, and we should ensure to provide suitable environment,” said Renate.

Ihab Shahawi, CEO and founder SAILS Group, California said change is a process and discussions at the conference are in right direction.

The speakers while responding questions from the audience also highlighted various aspects of inclusion in workplaces like finance, perception from public and role of job assigned to people with disabilities.

The speakers also discussed support and positive response from the different segments of the society toward the people of determination, job opportunities, internships, facilities at the workplaces by employers, role of volunteers in awareness spreading, impact of assistive technology in the lives of people with Autism and teaching and training techniques.

Source = AccessAbilities Expo
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