Who will be the next MSC Masterchef at sea

Masterchef at the seaWho will be the next MSC Masterchef at sea

MSC Cruises has partnered with MasterChef to provide a free entertainment program for their passengers. It allows guests to participate in an interactive and fun way for a chance to win unique prizes.

Available across the entire MSC Cruises fleet from February 2018, the MasterChef at Sea experience beings as soon as guests step aboard with banners and a calendar of activities to encourage them to take part.

This partnership is developed from the mutual value for quality food, culture and family that MasterChef and MSC Cruises share. MasterChef at Sea offers a free and hands-on entertainment program where passengers can enjoy the taste of fine foods or challenge themselves to become culinary stars.

The MasterChef at Sea events include a cooking-related trivia quiz and a MasterChef at Sea Mystery Box Challenge.  Winners of the trivia quiz will be paired up for the Mystery Box cooking challenge.  Their creations will be judged on presentation, taste and originality of the recipe.  The contest ends at an awards ceremony where the winners will be crowned MasterChef at Sea and awarded with a MasterChef kit of apron and chef’s hat.

Receiving the title of MasterChef at Sea is not the only great prize winners will get. There is also a final lucky draw contest to win:A MasterChef Champion will serve as a personal chef at the winner’s home or local venue (for up to 4 people)
Receive a MasterChef recipe book
The MasterChef at Sea partnership offers guests a memorable challenge and entertainment experience that extends beyond their cruise.

For more information contact marketing@msccruises.com.au or call 1300 028 502 AU or 0508 4278 473 (NZ)

Source = MSC Cruises

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