Malaysia Airlines statement regarding MH128 Melbourne – Kuala Lumpur

Steady progress continues for Malaysia Airlines Berhad for quarter three 2016

Malaysia Airlines statement regarding MH128 Melbourne – Kuala Lumpur

A Malaysia Airlines flight MH128 on 31 May 2017 was forced to turn back to Melbourne Airport due to a disruptive passenger. The airline’s cabin crew with the help of one passenger managed to restrain the passenger who was immediately handcuffed and subdued.

The flight has been rescheduled to operate as MH128D on 1 June departing Melbourne at 2000hrs local time and arriving in Kuala Lumpur at 0235hrs local time the next day.

Passengers with critical onward connections have been allocated seats on Malaysia Airlines’ earlier flight, MH148 departing Melbourne at 1355hrs local time on 1 June. A total of three Malaysia Airlines flights are now scheduled to depart Melbourne today.

The Australian Security authorities have screened all baggage and it is being transferred on the respective flights that passengers are rebooked on.

Malaysia Airlines’ technical and cabin crew that operated MH128/31May will not operate on flights until further notice. A fresh set of crew will be operating MH128D.

An investigation led by Australian authorities is currently underway and Malaysia Airlines wishes to extend its appreciation to everyone involved during the emergency situation.

Passengers have been sent to local hotels in Melbourne and will be departing to Kuala Lumpur throughout 1 June.

Source = Malaysia Airlines
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