TravelBird releases new state-of-the-art app


TravelBird releases new state-of-the-art app

Online travel company TravelBird has today announced the launch of a pioneering new App feature offering Real-Time Assistance to travellers. An industry first, the in-App feature available on both iOS and Android, is an effective step towards helping travellers enjoy a holiday free from any worry.

In accordance with the company’s mission of providing care-free, inspiring travel experiences, the feature was developed based on traveller wants and needs. As well as offering Real-Time Assistance when needed, the technology promises to automatically update travellers with relevant information during their trip.

An example of how the App operates can be seen here: When a traveller disembarks off the airplane and opens the App, it will immediately show the next step of the journey, the details of the rental car etc.   Or, if a traveller wants to return to their hotel after enjoying dinner somewhere in the city, without having to refer to travel documents or look up the address they can find their way back with just one tap of the App.The right information is presented to the traveller exactly when they need it, with the least amount of effort.

The Real-Time Assistance feature in the App is an industry first, enabling travellers to provide feedback effortlessly during every step of their journey, as well as to request assistance. If needed, TravelBird’s expert travel advisors are on hand to help right away (screenshots below).

TravelBird CEO, Symen Jansma, says, “We want our Travellers to know that they have our support at every stage of their trip. With Real-Time Assistance and instant feedback, our dedicated travel advisors are now just a few clicks away, making it even quicker and easier for Travellers to contact us for help and advice. We’re excited to introduce these new features to the TravelBird app, pioneering a proactive and personalised approach to customer service in travel.”

Source = TravelBird
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