Filthy dirty agent antics


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Filthy dirty agent antics

We hear plenty of industry gossip, happenings, goings-on, rumours…. the lengths that agents will go to a… in order to create an opportunity for themselves ….

Are you potentially disgusted with the content of this story? Is it about to fluster you that you got rolled?

Any chance you may learn something?

Online competition continues to increase. The online space is extremely competitive, margins are dropping and dynamics are continuing to evolve quickly.

Like the long running TV show, the bold and the beautiful will survive.

You really need to be out there to get people’s attention, be innovative, be cheeky, be brave ; you need to “step out of the box” for a digital media strategy that will grow your business.

Here are three essential considerations of making a splash an a dynamic industry like travel

  1. FFS just do something

Webjet stirred many emotions but unfortunately, just not enough action from agents. It would appear that companies like roomsXML and some of our competitors did more to stimulate agents than agents did.

Why aren’t you doing anything?

Here’s a great model of what you can do, albeit big and small. Sean Simmons travel agency has a young fella called Brett Kappler. He is a junior consultant. Not too junior to get his backside into action and cause a stir. And that’s why he wrote DEAR WEBJET – WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT?

Why did this work? Because Sean has surrounded himself with…

  1. New thinkers

One of the greatest challenges in industry is to innovate from the inside out. That’s why external consultants are brought in, to look at what you do with fresh eyes. Brett is still seen as a junior consultant but he is clearly doing something right. Do the same thing, get the same results. That does not survive in a dynamic market place like travel.

Sean is active in the online space with some innovative communication tools. He’s challenging himself further by exposing new thinkers like Brett to the wild.

Kudos to both.

And Brett’s message….

  1. Is positive

It doesn’t hurt to know your opponent’s weaknesses but it is significantly greater when you can highlight by talking about your strengths. Sadly we are wired to react to the negative but maybe that paradigm  is shifting.

One international wholesaler continues to provide a news service that leads with a negative industry headline ;   I delete the header when it arrives. Your message can quickly whisk someone away from their current reality and get them hooked and wanting more, not dreading reading on. Make them want it.

You might get someone’s attention with a negative heading, but will it generate positive business sentiment.

  1. Visually appealing

Be beautiful. Bold colours, saturated images, nicely laid out, easy to follow and consistently delivered. Find a format and stick to it but keep it fresh and appealing to glance at.

  1. Sex sells

Peter Power (recently turned 60 and he has his own bass line) once told me

“Mark, travel is sexy. Go to an airport, there is just something about it.” The rest is paraphrasing but he used words like aphrodisiac, gets people going, it makes them happy and releases them from the constraints of the day today.

What did you think when you read that title? Was there just something a little bit too intriguing to ignore. It’s a cheap ploy to prove a point. You still reading? Fancy hooking your customers like that?

I used to be one for subtlety but I’m coming around to sometimes, being a little bit more brazen.

Maybe you can too.

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