From the desk of the Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Harris Global Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Harris
Global Chief Executive Officer

From the desk of the Chief Executive Officer

As most of us around the globe start to prepare for the Festive Season and take up a well earned break, it is an opportune time for me to write to our loyal subscribers and commercial partners around the world to express our sincere thanks and gratitude.

From very humble beginnings thirty two years ago, then known as Travel Blackboard to the introduction of the internet in the nineties when we saw the evolvement of eTravelBlackboard, to today, ETB Travel News. Who would have thought one man’s vision, namely John Harrigan, was on to something very special all those years ago. With a workload for his team to distribute updated airline fare sheets and consular visa updates to travel agents around Australia on a regular basis keeping them informed of critical information for which was required by them to share with their valuable clients. Thirty two years later, ETB Travel News is one of the most successful and widely read travel and tourism publications across the globe with eight editions globally serving not just travel agents but also hoteliers, cruise companys’, DMCs’, attractions, airlines and tourism boards.

The success of ETB Travel News is attributed to numerous factors:

1) The loyal and ever increasing subscriber base the business has which continues to grow and in particular within the US, Europe and Asian markets.

2) Our commercial partners who support the growth of ETB Travel News as they have their messages, news and product offerings delivered each day to the impressive subscriber list.

3) ETB Travel News editorial team members, their commitment and professionalism as they work around the clock, around the globe delivering the most up to date industry news with videos, images and in many cases maps also.

4) The IT department who continue to develop and improve the impressive technology the business has available and make that technology available to our commercial partners for them to use and improve their own business offerings to the trade on a global basis.

On behalf of the ETB Travel News team, I would personally like to thank you all for your support to us during 2015 which has been an incredible year for the business. We prepare to enter into 2016 with much enthusiasm and excitement as we begin to role out new technology and systems for our commercial partners and many new additional features for our subscribers to enjoy.

May we wish you all and your loved ones an enjoyable festive season regardless of where you are around the world and may 2016 be a year filled with happiness, good health and prosperity.

Best wishes and personal regards.

Jonathan Harris and the ETB Travel News Team


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