Air Asia X Flight D7 182 KUL-CMB Flatbed Class

AirAsia X Flatbed seats-2

Air Asia X Flight D7 182 KUL-CMB Flatbed Class

28 September 2015

Carrier: Air Asia X Flight Number: D7 182 dep KUL @ 14:00 Duration: 3:10

Class: Flatbed Aircraft: Airbus A330-300

Check-in experience: 

Arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport was completely stressless thanks to the services of KLIA Ekspres VIP Service, which provides a car transfer from anywhere in the city to KL Sentral train station followed by an escorted ride on the KLIA Ekspres train to the airport. At KLIA2, the airport’s impressive new terminal, a VIP representative takes the client directly to the check-in counter. Check-in at Air Asia’s dedicated Flatbed counter was fast and friendly.

On-time performance: 

The flight departed six minutes early and arrived on time in Colombo.

Seat/Cabin conditions: 

The Air Asia X Flatbed cabin consists of two rows of flatbed seats in a 2-2-2 configuration. The cabin was immaculately clean and the seat very comfortable.

Food And Beverage: 

A pre-selected lunch of nasi lemak, Malaysia’s famous rice dish, was served soon after departure and made a delicious farewell to a county where people eat very well.


Most people use their own electronic devices and entertain themselves, but there are video screens for hire during the booking process or on board the aircraft. The quiet of a cabin with no fixed screens is (in my opinion) one of the nicest aspects of flying Air Asia X.


The flight arrived at Colombo’s very modern Bandaranaike International Airport on time and the entire airport experience was impressive both in efficiency and pleasantness. Holiday visitors to Sri Lanka are eligible for electronic travel authority and arrival with an ETA in place makes the Immigration process a simple matter of procedure taking less than a minute. Baggage was delivered in a timely manner and the Arrivals Hall was uncrowded. Banks, car rentals, and other typical facilities were there for those needing their services. It is here in the very orderly Arrivals Hall where drivers sent from hotels or tour operators meet their clients exiting the Baggage Claim area.


Air Asia’s slogan is “Now everyone can fly” and when the captain of this flight spoke to the passengers over the public address system, he pointed out various aspects of the flight and destination for those on

board who perhaps were not frequent flyers. With its network expanding across Asia, Australia, and beyond, Air Asia really is an airline that puts airline travel within reach of hundreds of millions of potential travellers. One surprise is the fact that many people are not aware that Air Asia, so strongly associated low fares, offers a flatbed option at a comparatively low fare.

Source = Mr eTraveller - Robert La Bua

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