New app made available for Travelport agents


Travelport has announced that the Ingresso Entertainment Tickets plugin is now accessible to travel agents via its industry-leading point of sale technology, Travelport Smartpoint.

The Ingresso Entertainment Tickets plugin, developed by the Ingresso Group, provides agents with a simple way to earn new commissions by adding theatre, attraction and sightseeing products worldwide to the travel bookings they make through Travelport Smartpoint. By using the Ingresso Entertainment Tickets plugin, agents can find and sell tickets to customers in just three steps and it is free to download from Travelport Marketplace. The plugin also enables agents to use eNett virtual credit cards which are more efficient and secure as well as less open to fraud.


Other key features of the Ingresso Tickets plugin include:

  • Agents can set their own pricing and commission levels with immediate payment, no invoicing required
  • Best ticket prices across a wide selection of international events
  • The ability to search by airport code or general terms such as ‘New York tours’
  • Immediate email confirmation with no need to wait for third party bookings
  • Details of purchased tickets are fully integrated into passenger name records (PNRs) and back-office systems

This latest application development is part of Travelport’s wider strategy to deliver the best content and functionality through its state-of-the-art point of sale tools.

Source = Travelport
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