Travelex reveals its top tips for bartering around the world

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With the New Year upon us, many passionate travellers will already be excitedly planning their travel experiences for 2015. To help make their money go further, the world’s largest foreign exchange specialist, Travelex, has released its top tips for bartering around the world.

The bartering guide coincides with Travelex’s Win a Million promotion, which gives one lucky traveller the opportunity to potentially win $1 million, with entries closing on 31 January 2015.

“We’re encouraging Australian travellers to enter Win a Million because $1 million provides the winner with the resources to take the holidays of their dreams. If that holiday includes going to a destination where bartering is a way of life, or a great way to secure holidays mementos, then all the better,” said Travelex head of retail Daniel Simone.

“For many, bartering in a foreign country can be a daunting task. There are no advertised rules and sometimes it’s difficult to know when and where it’s expected and when it’s not, so that’s why we created our bartering guide.

“In India for example, every transaction is negotiated, which can make shopping a very slow process! While in Spain, the economic downturn has made bartering harder and travellers can aim for a 30% to 40% discount in markets, with merchants more likely to reduce their prices at the beginning and end of the day.”

For travellers wanting to make their travel dollar go further, whether they are lucky enough to Win a Million or not, Travelex’s top tips for bartering are*:

Source = Travelex
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