Royal Jordanian takes stock of five Dreamliners

787 Arrival

Royal Jordanian has taken stock of its fifth 787 Dreamliner, rounding off the first instalment for the airline’s strategic plan to renew its long haul fleet – which began last August.

RJ’s acting President and CEO Captain Haitham Misto said the 787s would be used for medium and long-range routes, replacing the airline’s four Airbus 340s and one Airbus 330.

This milestone will help RJ meet its operational needs and leverage the passengers’ experience, particularly when they fly on long-haul flights. The state-of-the-art features and high specifications of the 787s are bound to offer higher levels of comfort and luxury.

Mr Misto said the Dreamliner was the most technologically advanced and efficient aircraft in the aviation industry; airlines are racing to acquire this type of aircraft because of its exceptional technical and service specifications.

Vice president for sales, Middle East, Russia and central Asia for Boeing Commercial Airplanes Marty Bentrott, said the benefits for RJ were two-fold.

“The addition of the 787 Dreamliner to Royal Jordanian’s fleet will mean not only an enhanced travel experience for its passengers but will translate into significant cost savings for the airline. This is validated by the fact that not only does the 787 have a strong customer base in the Middle East but one that is increasing worldwide. We are proud of our relationship with Royal Jordanian and look forward to continuing this partnership well into the future.”

The Dreamliners have improved ventilation and humidity levels on-board, which takes the travel experience to a new level, offering passengers more comfort.

The aircraft carries less weight being built from carbon-fibre composite materials, with fuel efficiency adding to an eco- friendly environment with its 20 per cent less fuel consumption than today’s similarly sized aeroplanes.

Although the overall number of Dreamliners RJ is expecting is not known, the airline will receive its next 787 in 2016 with the remainder expected in subsequent years.

Source = ETB Travel News: Basil Naimet
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