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After a considerable investment in sourcing the right professional talent, through provoking content and state-of-the-art technology, ETB Travel News is excited to announce the upcoming launch of ETB TV.
ETB Travel News director of sales, Mr Andrew Marin, says this is a natural progression for the global news publication.
˝The decision to launch ETB TV comes on the back of high demand for a dedicated online travel news channel and after reviewing what is currently out there at present, ETB TV will offer a professional and well constructed opportunity for our clients and the wider travel industry,˝ Mr Marin said.
ETB TV is headed by a professional and highly acclaimed crew consisting of a Director, Producer and Presenter.
˝This talented team of professionals will certainly create an impact for clients and our audience, whether it be a short feature film, corporate video, coverage at a trade show or conference – the opportunities are limitless.˝
ETB Travel News is already being overwhelmed with enquiries, mainly from hotels which require footage for commercial purposes.
˝No other publication offers the depth and expertise of what ETB TV will bring to the table and we are truly excited to embark on this endeavour and bring another dimension to ETB Travel News and the global travel industry.˝
Source = ETB Travel News
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