Where to tip and where not to while you travel 

 Wego Where-To-Tip-Infographic

 Wego, the leading travel search site in the Asia Pacific and Middle East, revealed where and when you should tip while on the road.

“Knowing which countries where you should leave a tip is just as important as knowing which countries not to,”Wego chief marketing officer for Joachim Holte said.

“In Argentina for example, tipping is actually illegal, however, waiters often expect to be tipped by foreigners so if you were to tip, discretion is advised. In the US, low wage earners in the service industry are reliant on tipping to balance out their income, yet in Romania, tips are often declined and in Japan, tipping is considered offensive.”

“It’s amazing how many travellers forget to research this all important component of visiting other countries. It’s wise to be aware of the tipping customs in each place you visit to avoid uncomfortable situations, ensure a smooth trip and avoid paying too much which is quite often the result,” he added.

As a general rule, tips as a sign of appreciation are expected in restaurants in Austria, Brazil, Chile, Ireland, The Netherlands, Russia, South Africa and Turkey. However in Fiji, Malaysia and South Korea restaurant tips are not required.

Source = Wego
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