Why You Should Take A Gap Year


Finishing high school is a monumental achievement for students. After the exams are completed, the tears are shed and the celebrations have slowly started to die down, young adults are often left with the important and pressure-filled decision of just what to do with their lives.

Generally speaking the two main choices come back to either further study commitments or to find employment as soon as possible.

Both respectable options, but we’d suggest that taking a gap year at this time will be the best decision you could make- not only for yourself and your own inner happiness but for your career in the long term as well.

Here at itrek Travel Insurance, we’ve listed our top seven reasons why taking a gap year straight out of school will benefit the rest of your life.

  1. There is nothing holding you back… It’s unlikely you have 2.5 kids, a dog and a white picket fence with a mortgage at this point of your life. While these commitments might not stop you from travelling in the future, why not head off when there’s nothing in your way now?
  2. You don’t mind hostels and other cheaper options……Sharing a room with ten other drinking, partying people? Awesome! Functioning on minimal sleep and several hangovers? That’s fine. Being young and full of life is certainly not a disadvantage while trekking across the globe.
  3. You’ll know yourself better and what you want out of life……Travelling teaches you so much about yourself and the world you live in. It humbles you, empowers you and alters your perspective on life. It might not change your career aspirations completely, but it may open your mind to possibilities you haven’t considered. Or if you have no idea, chances are it will guide you in the right direction.
  4. Travelling teaches you how to make friends and improves your people skills, especially if you travel by yourself. It’s a very lonely existence travelling solo unless you get out of your comfort zone and make an effort to start conversations with strangers. Not only will this help you make friends at university, people skills are important throughout your whole life and career.
  5. Things ultimately go wrong when you travel. Whether you booked the wrong flight and ended up on the opposite side of the country or your luggage got lost and you don’t know what to do.  Coping and problem solving in stressful situations is a valuable tool for now and in the future.
  6. You’ll learn important budgeting skills. It doesn’t matter how long you are taking off for, you have to learn how to budget for accommodation, food, getting around and other incidentals. Developing good spending habits from the start prepares you for the bigger expenses you’ll have later in life.
  7. The sad fact is we are not guaranteed old age…….We are not even guaranteed tomorrow.  Take off now while you can, just in case one day you can’t.

itrek travel insurance provides great policies for student travellers. Whether it’s a month, a year or longer, itrek has a policy to suit any adventure. With important unlimited medical benefits itrek can also cover your luggage, cancellation costs and much more.  Allianz Global Assistance provides itrek’s 24 hour emergency assistance and specialises in the medical evacuation of Australian’s overseas.

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