Phuket’s tourist arrivals predicted to reach 13 million


Kasikorn Research Centre estimates international tourist arrivals to Phuket will reach 13 million and generate THB279 billion in revenue by year-end.

The centre said although tourist arrivals were hit by political unrest, Phuket has fared better than other destinations due to its direct flight links with important places across Asia.

However, the military coup and martial law ultimately caused declines that impacted on the island’s hotel performance in the second and third quarter of the year.

Since early September, there has been an improvement in bookings and this is expected to continue with a range of popular festivals in the coming months.

One festival that will attract tourists is the Vegetarian Festival, during the festival, the centre estimates Phuket will have 258,000 visitor arrivals, up 14.0 percent.

With more tourists entering the country, the effects on the economy will be positive and provide a platform of stability for the tourism industry in Thailand.

Source = ETB News: Lewis Wiseman
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