Fiji – the place to de-stress and soothe the soul

Sometimes an island escape is just the thing to counterbalance the stresses of a hyperbusy job…and aren't all jobs hyperbusy these days?  In just over four hours from Sydney (a little shorter from Brisbane, an little longer from Melbourne), Fiji Airways can have you on your way to the sandy shores of an emerald green island where deadlines are purged from memory and Fiji time takes over. Fiji Airways' nonstop flights from Auckland, Hong Kong, Honolulu, and Los Angeles provide easy connections for travellers from all over the world.


Fiji Airways at your service.


Island Hoppers to Vomo and all around Fiji.

With more than a hundred islands in the country, Fiji has no shortage of quiet places to replenish the soul in a quiet and beautiful location.  One of the nicest is Vomo Island, a resort located close enough to Nadi to be convenient yet far enough away to feel, well, far enough away from the outside world.  A private island with only 28 villas (beachfront rooms) plus two private residences for hire, Vomo is the kind of place where it is very easy to slip into a state of relaxation―and avoid emerging from it for as long as possible.  With enough activities to keep busy (in the good way) all day long both on land and on the water, Vomo provides a wealth of experiences, none of which includes attending meetings or filing budget reports.  Under the guidance of new Executive Chef Erwin Joven, just arrived from The Cotton House on the ultra-exclusive island of Mustique, dining experiences on Vomo have recently been elevated to a yet higher level.   

Vomo is accessible by boat, but it's more fun to arrive and depart using the helicopter services of Island Hoppers, whose friendly Australian pilots can take you from Nadi International Airport to Vomo in under twenty minutes.

Not that leaving the main island of Viti Levu is required to enjoy the best of Fiji.  On Viti Levu's south coast is the vast InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa, a self-contained world of comfort and service where guests are treated to high style both in accommodation and in dining experiences.  With a bounty of activities both on land and on the water, InterContinental Fiji makes an excellent base for exploring the attractions of Fiji's main island.  InterContinental's location near Sigatoka Valley makes the adventure-travel experiences found in this part of the island readily available to visitors.  Back in Nadi, perhaps enjoy a drive to see the colourful Sri Siva Subramaniya temple, the largest Hindu temple in the country, or to South Seas Orchids to see one of the local family-owned businesses and the historic artefacts amassed over several generations revealing the interesting multicultural history of Fiji.  Be sure to stop at Nadina on Denarau Island to savour traditional Fijian cuisine prepared to perfection and served with the biggest smiles on Viti Levu. 

Check the Fiji Tourism website for a wealth of information about beautiful Fiji and all the country has to offer.



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