MIAT Mongolian Airlines Flight OM291 Ulaan Baatar to Hong Kong Business Class

MIAT Mongolian Airlines2Flight Review – MIAT Mongolian Airlines Flight OM291 Ulaan Baatar to Hong Kong Business Class

Sunday 13 October 2013

Carrier:  MIAT Mongolian Airlines 
Flight Number: OM291 dep ULN @ 06:30

Duration: 4:15
Class:  Business
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Check-in experience:
Chinggis Khaan International Airport was very quiet early on a Sunday morning.  There was no queue at the check-in counter and the procedure was carried out with friendly efficiency by the staff.

MIAT Mongolian Airlines Business Class passengers are allowed 30 kilos of baggage transported without charge.

MIAT Mongolian Airlines Business Class passengers have access to a small airside lounge at the airport where refreshments are served before departure.

On-time performance:
The flight departed Ulaan Baatar on time and arrived at HKIA's North Concourse exactly on time.

Seat/Cabin conditions:
MIAT's B737 aircraft has three rows of four seats in a 2-2 configuration.  The seats are large and cosy and provide very comfortable seating for the duration of the flight.  The cabin is clean and well attended by the cabin crew

Food And Beverage:
Pre-departure drinks were served on the ground before takeoff and breakfast was served soon after.

Drop-down screens showed a film and travel updates during the flight from Ulaan Baatar to Hong Kong.

The flight arrived on time and there was no waiting at Immigration, which was carried out very quickly.  Bags were delivered to the claim area and Kowloon Shangri-la's airport service representative greeted us for our transfer to the hotel and its splendid view of Hong Kong Harbour.

Though only a short flight from one of the most popular of transit cities for Australian travellers, Mongolia is worlds away from the usual travel experience.  For those who still perceive MIAT Mongolian Airlines to be a throwback to the past, the airline provides an unexpectedly pleasant experience both in flight and on the ground.



Source = ETB News: RLB

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