Aussies carrying millions in leftover foreign currency


  Many foreign currencies hitch a ride back to Oz.  

New data has revealed that many Australians possess a large collection of un-converted currency.

Research conducted by travel search website Skyscanner discovered that Australian travellers are holding onto a total of AU$832 million in leftover foreign currency.

Almost one third of all respondents believed the cash they returned home with, following an overseas holiday, to be worth AU$100 or more.

19 percent of Australians said they parted with the majority of their cash while overseas, returning home with less than five dollars’ worth of foreign coins and notes.

The most popular currency to hitch a ride back to Australia with travellers was US dollars (32 percent), followed by Euros (27 percent) and British pounds (22 percent).

“Travellers may intend to spend the last of their holiday cash at the airport, but may simply forget or run out of time,” Skyscanner market development manager Australia and New Zealand Dave Boyte said.

“Many like to keep the cash as a souvenir of their trip or as an added incentive to visit the country again.”

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