House of Travel Merivale wins top Egypt award


From left to right.
Sarah Anderson, Sandy Connolly; Elhamy El Zayat, Alana Aldridge, Robyn Galloway & Kelianne Keen


House of Travel Merivale has been presented with Top Sales Egypt Award on behalf of Ancient Kingdoms Holidays.

The award was presented this morning by Robyn Galloway, MD of The Innovative Travel Company and Egyptian business partner, Cairo based Elhamy ElZayat; NZ Order of Merit.

Elhamy congratulated the team and says that he expects that tourism to Egypt will continue to increase as the road to democracy becomes more settled.

Importantly with 35 years experience in Egyptian tourism Elhamy re itinerated that it is safe for tourists to continue to travel to Egypt.

We receive over 45,000 tourists a year who are being warmly welcomed and making the most of the shorter queues and who feel safe during their travels.

With offices in Cairo, Alexandra, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm el Sheikh and Abu Simbel, clients also benefit from being looked after by local representatives.

MD Robyn Galloway says Innovative Travel continues to have absolute confidence in their local business partner and welcomes the returning interest in Egypt.


Source = The Innovative Travel Company
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