Baby born on-board named after Emirates



Parents of a newborn Filipino baby have decided to forgo conventional methods of naming their child, instead opting to name their bundle-of-joy after UAE carrier, Emirates.

The newborn was given the name, EK after the carrier’s airline code, following its 27 week premature birth on board an Emirates flight flying from Dubai to Manila earlier this month, Fox News reported.

According to the news source, flight EK322 was forced to make an emergency landing in Vietnam when a woman gave birth to her newborn in the aircraft toilet.

One of two nurses and four flight attendants attending the woman told media she was followed by a fellow nurse heading toward the toilets in pain where the newborn baby was found inside the toilet and turning a bluish-brown.

The child was immediately removed and cleaned of any amniotic fluid from the toilet and was given an oxygen mark to assist with breathing while LED reading lamps attached to the passenger seats were used to keep the baby warm.

Receiving medical attention upon landing, the mother has since been released from hospital while the baby remains in critical care.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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