The Mediterranean is Open for Business

In 2011 the news media was full of the Arab Spring demonstrations and their negative impact on tourism to various Eastern Mediterranean countries, notably Egypt, Libya and Syria.  However while Syria clearly remains a destination which tourists will continue to avoid during 2012 the more positive news is that Egypt and Libya  and in fact most of the Eastern Mediterranean is well and truly open for business.

Despite the “Arab Spring” disruptions of 2011 Australian tourism to the Eastern Mediterranean remained strong.  Italy, Greece, Croatia, the Balkans, Turkey, Israel and Jordan attracted the bulk of the 800,000 Australian who visited the Eastern Med in 2011. Egypt is a tourism revival this year. From a professional point of view travel agents should be well aware that the Eastern Mediterranean accounts for well over 10% of the outbound Australian market.

Attending an EMTA evening will not only give you a comprehensive update on the state of the destinations  but will give you an opportunity to talk the experts in Eastern Mediterranean travel and product and enhance your ability to sell both the destinations and associated product with confidence to your clients.

Presenters Included:
 Albatross Travel, Bunnik Tours, Chat Tours, Globus Cosmos, Greece & Mediterranean Travel Centre, Insight Vacations, Israel Travel Centre, Jetta Express,
Mediterranean Holidays & Tours, On the Go Travel,
Royal Jordanian Airlines, Timeless Tours & Travel,
Touchdown Tours, Worldstar Travel.

RSVP                   Enquiry

Melbourne:        Thursday 15th March at 6pm                     Kan Zaman Restaurant at 458 Bridge
Road, Richmond.

Sydney:               Thursday 22nd March at 6pm                    Star Room on 6th  floor (IMAX)
                                                                                                              Darling Harbour, Sydney

Brisbane:           Thursday 12th April at 6pm                        Greek Club 29 Edmondstone Street
South Brisbane


Source = Eastern Med Tourism Association (EMTA)
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