Taste the Forbidden Fruit in Israel.

Taste the forbidden fruit in Israel?
 A land of surprises awaits you in Israel.

When people think of Israel their minds will immediately turn to the Holy land and the various religions that make their pilgrimage to the country. But Israel has so much more to offer if you take the time to explore the countryside. Something that is easy to do with such a small land mass.

Kibbutz are founded around communal living with a basis in agriculture, while once traditional and basis this is no longer the case. The production of apple cider was traditionally so far removed from the inhabitants of the Land of Israel that the apple tree flourished only on a few high mountain peaks – and to the point where the Hebrew language lacks a suitable name for the place where cider is produced. Today the residents of various Kibbutz throughout the country, such as the Kibbutz El Rom not far from Mount Hermon, have opened new cider houses with a growing business emerging for the country.

The members of Kibbutz El Rom are thorough and practical. Thirty years ago, when they wanted to go into translating and dubbing films, they went to Holland to learn the technology required to establish such studios. When together with seven other local communities, they established the Ramat Hagolan Winery, they consulted with oenologists from France and the Americas so they could decipher the secrets of the local soil. And when they began to think about producing cider, they picked themselves up and embarked on a journey among large and small cider producers in Somerset, England and Normandy, France – two regions identified with the history and tradition of producing apple and pear ciders.

Greece Med Travel has an 8 night tour, The Kibbutz Experience, staying at various Kibbutz throughout Israel, the package includes being met at the airport, 8 nights car hire (Hyundai Getz or similar), 7 nights accommodation in a 4 star Kibbutz hotels with breakfast daily starting at $890 per person twin share.

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Source = Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre
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