Israel’s positive outlook for 2012

Figures released by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism show resilience in the number of incoming visitors with Tourism Minister stating its goal of reaching 4 Million Tourists in 2012.

2011 saw 3.44 Million tourists vising Israel, only 2% lower than 2010 which was a record year with an overwhelming growth of 32% reaching 3.5 Million tourists.

Israel continues to be  a strong destination with its unique holy sites and Mediterranean beaches and attracts a growing number of pilgrims and visitors looking for a special  experience.

The 2% decline is mainly explained by the decreasing number of tourists crossing through land borders from neighbouring countries thus lowering the number of day visitors. This was offset by an increase of 40% in cruise ships day visitors, as cruise ships are making more frequent and longer stops off Israel’s coast.

Israel is a country that abounds in archaeological and historical sites, and offers a wealth and diversity of cultures and landscapes. A visit to Israel is an experience of a lifetime !

As reported by the Israel Tourism Commission a few months ago, Israel witnessed a significant growth in the number of Australian pilgrim’s visiting the Holy land to discover the cradle of Christianity.

Most Journeys to Israel begin in the charming old city of Jerusalem,  taking the Via Dolorosa, passing the Stations of the Cross to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the ancient site of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. The second most visited are the Christian holy sites around the Sea of Galilee. The Gospel Trail which was recently unveiled by the Ministry of Tourism, allows visitors to experience – both physically and spiritually – the same biblical landscapes and sites of the Galilee where Jesus and his disciples once walked.

Israel makes an attractive destination not only for those interested in making a pilgrimage, but to any Australian interested in a truly unique cultural experience taking the rich tapestry of history & archaeology as well as its lively Mediterranean cities, markets and nightlife..

Source = Israel’s Ministry of Tourism
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