Aussie Agents Explore! Turkey

  :: Aussie Agents Explore! Turkey ::

A select group of agents across Australia have just returned from experiencing the Turkish delights on a famil trip hosted by Explore Worldwide and Malaysia Airlines. This famil include visits to Istanbul, Pamukkale, Dalyan, Selcuk, Troy, Cannakale, Gallipolli and Ephesus.

Agents are pictured whilst exploring what is known as one of Turkey’s great outdoor museums, Ephesus.



Back – Jodie Gleeson (Venture Holidays), Jeff Morris (Malaysia Airlines), Anna Hazell
(Explore Worldwide), Nicky Schulze (Phil Hoffmann Travel Unley), John Wallace (RAA Travel), Tracy Hannam (Travelworld Mt Barker), Dunja Ganama (Travelworld Alice Springs),
Nieccia Miller (Thor Travel)
Front – Tina Castello (Montina Travel), David Wright (Travel Prospects)


Source = SMB Communications
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